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Plans for Next Con

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Jul. 4th, 2006 | 10:09 am
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Ya, I know it sounds a little bit early, but next year I am planning to do a group Dir en Grey cosplay again~~ I really want to do something easy, but my buddy really like challenges, and thats fine too. Except for the fact that the sewing machine at my house does not agreee with any forms of vinyl or PVC.......what do u expect me to do. BTW i know yesterday's post was a litte bit messed up with lj cut and everything, so i'll more careful this time to make sure it works out fine. Anyhow here are the candidates for next years Dir en Grey stuff.

and so basically .....these are her ideal costumes...I personally want to do something easier like....Ain't Afraid to Die. We were planning on Myaku or we can do Raison D'etre cuz Enna has the Toshiya already. So ..i dunno.....

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