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Jul. 3rd, 2006 | 05:15 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Illuminati-Malice Mizer

This year's AX is probably the best I have gone to for a long time. Usually this con is ok because of the lack of Jrock cosplayers ....and there less than i expected this year too. Well even though I WAS NOT prepared costume wise this year because I wasn't sure that I was even gonna go, I went sat. and sun. The Day 0 was the day I went to pick up my badge and Lauran lend Enna and I her lolita stuff~~ We spend an hour or  2 with Bix from AZ and it was awesome to see her, Zara and Chibi again. 

Day 1 was craaazy! Enna and I arrived early so I could start my online class exam....-_-....the convention center didn't have wireless service so we ended going to the marriot to take my test. Then we got to the con and we didn't really know what to do because we didn't have the chance to meet up with our friends yet, so at the end we decided to go to the MANA panel at 2:30. Yes, Mana  of Moi dix Mois, the GOD of Gothic Lolita and JRock was a guest of honor. Seeing him in person was such a surreal experience. He talked through a translator (yes with his hand over his mouth), answering questions from fans with respect and grace. So basically, what i learned from the panel is that he loves to go to the movies and cook....XD!! Going to his panel allowed us to get an autograph from the man himself. I had to go downstairs to get Gothic lolita bibles because Enna and i didn't have ANYTHING  to sign. We waited for about....2-3 hours for our turn, and got an amazing autograph, and  a handshake.  By the time that we finished, we couldn't go into the dealer's room no more....T^T they closed at 6pm, so Enna and I went back to our rooms and chilled by taking off our make up and switching back to lolita for a mini gathering.

Day 2 was our last day already T^T! I went casual because I don't like wearing things twice. Enna cosplayed Taiyo no Ao Toshiya, and did a great job. We started off the day by taking some pictures, waiting for Bix to get ready with their PLC stuff. Then later, we finally got into the dealer's room and explored the booths. I finally found the Jrock booths and most of the stuff on my list weren't there. So i spend ALL of my $$ on 6 piece Dir en Grey poster, 2 Dir en Grey shirts ( one for Enna and one for me). In addition to that, i already spend $20 dollars for the 2 day parking so there waas only about 20 bucks left. According to one of the girls at Jpop House, 2 members of the band 12012 are coming for photo/autograph session....and holy shit, there goes the other 20 Dollars. I really don't know that band, but it was so worth the wait and the pictures. Those guys were so hot.....~~ Wataru was ok looking in person, but Hiroaki.. ...holy crap!! So you never know, I met Jrockers, and got 2 autographs and had so much fun!! can't wait for the next convention!! PMX is now moved to october, i dunno if i can make it....DARN SCHOOL!!!

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(no subject)

from: chiiruchan
date: Jul. 4th, 2006 01:18 pm (UTC)

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen a post from you in so long!!!!!! I'm so glad you had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squee!!! I wonder if any Jrockers will be at Otakon or Nekocon... O_O

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