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ya i know..

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Apr. 24th, 2006 | 05:35 pm

yes, i know i haven;t been updating for a while, its because i am in denial. ever since i gained 3 lbs from spring break, i am not able to get it off. each day is brutal...i feel like giving up...i actually have given up....i have been eating junk food more than ever....this is drainin my energy...i am going to go to a weight loss center off campus ...i don't care....if they reject me, then i realy dont' know what to say....
i realized how lonely i am...again...because i don't have no friends at school...my great friend Tess is leaving, my other friends commute, and the only friend from high school doesn't respond.....i dunno why. tomorrow is room selection, and everyone knows whom they want to room with..except me.....i feel so empty again...i don't want to do school.....i want to have that committment to starve,...but i am so weak.....why am i so weak...i can't control my food...i can't do this ...!! my sister isn't around anymore...so ya...that is sad....sighs*

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from: chiiruchan
date: Apr. 25th, 2006 04:49 am (UTC)

Wow. I was wondering where you were. Sounds like it's been rough. @_@; I've had this crappy thing going on where my period isn't bleeding and it's not pregnant. I don't want the gynocologist to find out my ED and all. >.<; but i go back in 2 months. And if i keep loosing the rate I do, she will so see that I got smaller. Cause she recorded my weight last time. >.<; I still get the period bloating, weight gain, and munchies even though there is no blood so I've been eating more than I want. >.<; I feel icky and fat.

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from: euph0ria
date: Apr. 25th, 2006 08:16 am (UTC)

let's go to Rimac.

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from: ebony_angel
date: Apr. 25th, 2006 10:00 am (UTC)

Aw I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling down. ;_; :: hugz :: If only WE lived closer!! ::fist of justice:: Tho you know, if you're not eating well that might might add to feelings of depression and such. =T :: gives you apples :: XD I dunno, too even if you're not losing pounds, if you're excersizing you could just be gaining muscle mass. ^^

I dunno, just don't stress yourself out too much about that kind of thing! You're beautiful already, ya know. <3

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